The Story...

The future is not kind to our feline kin. While strays scavenge the trenches consumed by fear and paranoia, the strong and brave have come together to take a stand with their fearless furry brothers in arms. A mixed bag of whiskered warriors, they each have their own unique talents. Coming together we are stronger, together we are the Nine Lives Battalion.

The Artists...

The story of Nine Lives Battalion started off with a tattoo, more specifically a crypto themed tattoo. During the many sessions of talking about life, tattoos and crypto, an idea was born, an idea that would spark the creation of the Nine Lives Battalion. With over 45 years’ experience between them Cam and Luke have spent thousands of hours turning this idea into full-fledged reality.

The Project...

Nine Lives Battalion is a collection of 6999 NFTs hand drawn by Kiwi Tattoo Artist Cam Mattson and digitised by the wizards at Dystopia Productions, creating a collaboration of unique artwork and ideas.

Fair Mint Initiative...

Our priority will always be the community. While sharing that sentiment is all well and good, we aim to prove it. To ensure a fair minting run we will implement the following measures:

  • Allow List Mint access via legitimate interaction
  • Achieved through community events and activities
  • Rewarding legitimate community members
  • Moderator vetted community
  • FAQ

    What is the total supply?

    6999, with 999 being part of our Genesis collection.

    What blockchain is Nine Lives Battalion on?

    All 6999 of our NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

    How do I get on the Allowlist?

    Access to the Allow List will be measured through genuine interaction within the community. The team with the support of moderators, will monitor community events and activities. Simply put, genuine good vibes will be rewarded.

    How many NFTs Can I mint?

    Genuine interaction will be ranked as Access Level and that will determine the mint allocation available to that member. [Access 1 = 1 Mint] || [Access 2 = 2 Mints] || [Access 3 = 3 Mints] You will have 24 hours to mint on our pre-sale. Any NFTs that remain un-minted will go to our public raffle the following day.

    What is the mint price?

    0.07 ETH + GAS

    When can I mint?

    Sat 4 Jun 21:00 UTC

    When is the reveal?

    The reveal will happen 48 hours post completed mint.

    When did this project come to life?

    Conversations and first sketches began in July 2021



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